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Our Mission

The mission of  Polk County Schools is to help each child acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to become productive citizens.

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Learning for a Lifetime

Verizon Innovative Learning

We are happy to announce that our Verizon Innovative Learning Grant has been extended for two more years!!!

This grant provides iPads with 5GB per month of data to all our middle school students and valuable training opportunities for our staff. It also qualifies us to apply for additional grants to provide programs for our students.

Charlie Brown Celebrates

District Staff Directory

Dr. James  R. Jones
Director of Schools
423-299-0471 ext 7002

Joel Cox
Supervisor of Elementary Instruction
Federal Projects
423-299-0471 ext 7004

Dr. Jason Bell
Supervisor of Secondary Instruction

TEAM Evaluation

GearUP Grant Coordinator
423-299-0471 ext 7015

Dr. Ryan Goodman

CTE Supervisor

Verizon Grant Coordinator

Human Resources/Licensing

423-299-0471 ext 7019

Laura Barnett
Technology Supervisor
Student Data Systems Admin
423-299-0471 ext 7010

Wilma Jean Pippenger
School Health Coordinator
423-299-0471 ext 7012

Treva Hyatt
Finance Director

423-299-0471 ext 7007

Jill Nix
Food Services Director
423-299-0471 ext 7009

Frances Bramblett
Supervisor of Special Education School Safety
423-299-0471 ext 5009

Tommy Frazier

Attendance Supervisor


Homeschool Coordinator

423-299-0471 ext 5009

Charles McClure
Transportation Supervisor
423-299-0471 ext 7001

Amy McNelley
Accounts Payable
423-299-0471 ext 7003

Zach Swafford

Supervisor of Assessment

PreK Coordinator

423-299-0471 ext 7020

 Lynnette Lamb
Administrative Assistant
Board Secretary
423-299-0471 ext 7001

Will Hatcher
Computer Repair
Network Technician
423-299-0471 ext 7005

Diana Burris
Payroll and Benefits Coordinator
423-299-0471 ext 7008

Jennifer Lamb
CSH Assistant
423-299-0471 ext 7018

Regina Boyd
Food Services/ Federal Assistant
423-299-0471 ext 7017