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Polk Innovative Learning Academy is a nontraditional K-12 public school within Polk County School district with classes taught by highly qualified, certified Tennessee teachers. All courses are aligned with the district’s instructional goals and Tennessee’s academic standards, curriculum frameworks, and assessments. At PILA, we strive to focus on the individual student and personal academic growth.

Meet Our Principal
Polk Innovative Learning Academy Principal

Dr. Tamra Lanning

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Polk Innovative Learning Academy


Learning Center North

216 Schoolhouse Hill

Benton, TN 37307

Learning Center South

964 Old Federal Rd

Old Fort, TN 37362

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Over the past few years, my educational philosophy has been reaffirmed time and time again. Children are unique. Children are special.

Children aren’t meant to spend their days inside four walls and confined to a desk. Kids learn best when given some freedom to explore. They learn when they’re engaged and interested. It is my goal to provide an education that will give your child an outlet to explore and to learn to enjoy learning!

This form of education requires a shift in mindset. Learning is no longer tied to ‘seattime’. You may find that once all the distractions and transitions of the brick and mortar school day is taken out, your child’s day is shorter than it used to be. That’s ok! Fill that time with something they love to do. Find out what they’re interested in.

What would they like to learn more about?

This type of education allows flexibility, but your child may need a lot of guidance in the beginning. Help your child develop a routine, a schedule, then allow them to make changes as they need.


I hope that you find it extremely

rewarding to share this educational

experience with your child.

Know that I have a heart for children

and their well-being comes above all else.


Dr. Tamra Lanning

Our Mission

     Our mission is to provide students in Polk County with a high quality education in a flexible, online learning environment that will impart the knowledge, skills, and characteristics necessary for college and career readiness.

Digital Learning
Our Vision

We believe:

  • Building solid relationships will enhance the learning experience.

  • Students can develop a love of learning by taking ownership for the learning


  • Students, parents, and teachers should be active partners in the educational process.

  • The student experience in online and blended learning will prepare them for post

    secondary education and future employment.


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