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Federal Programs

Federal Programs are comprised of a variety of programs, some financed through the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and others through district and state funds.  The programs provide services to help schools more effectively develop, implement, and evaluate their plans for the academic success of all children.   

Our Federal Programs objective is to provide resources to ensure high-quality teacher preparation and training, along with high-quality student performance standards that meet or exceed federal and state regulations.  By providing focused attention and assistance in identified areas of need, students are given an opportunity to obtain a high-quality education, and reach proficiency on federal and state standards and assessments

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Private schools in the Polk County Schools zone may contact Ryan Goodman, CTE Director,
at 423-299-0471 or email rgoodman@polkcountyschools.com for information concerning CTE offerings and professional development activities for CTE.

If you have questions regarding Federal Programs in Polk County Schools, please contact Joel Cox at 423-299-0471 or jcox@polkcountyschools.com.