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Chilhowee Middle School

"Promoting each student's success and well-being"
Stephanie Bates
Chilhowee Middle School

216 Schoolhouse Hill Dr.

PO Box 977

Benton, TN 37307


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Meet Our Principal

Our Mission

     The mission of Chilhowee Middle School is to provide a nurturing and safe environment that fosters a rigorous academic and technological curriculum to prepare students to become lifelong learners.

Our Vision

     The vision of Chilhowee Middle School is to inspire and empower students to excel both academically and socially, while preparing them to be productive citizens and future leaders.

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My name is Stephanie Bates and it is an honor to serve as principal at Chilhowee Middle School.  I have been in education for 27 years and served at Chilhowee for 6 years.  I aspired to become the principal at Chilhowee Middle School in order to impact student learning and mentor faculty, so students learn from teachers and other staff who feel supported.  I want to assist teachers in following best practices that positively impact learning outcomes in the classroom while also ensuring that I make the right decisions to create a positive and high-quality learning environment for all students and faculty.  Being present and building relationships with the students, staff, and school community is the most important part of my role as an administrator.  I believe this is the best way for a principal to understand how to make choices that impact the entire school. 

Chilhowee Middle School
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Chilhowee Middle School is preparing an application for funds to continue an after school program to provide remediation, hands-on application projects, and social and mental health supports. The public is invited to submit ideas by April 7 to the principal's office for consideration for the grant. The grant is funded through the Lottery Education: Afterschool Program (LEAPS). If you have any questions, please contact the principal at the school.

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